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Warehouse Pad

Medium Economy Pad

Medium Heavy Weight Pad

Door Jam Protector

Chair Cover 

Sofa Cover

Love Seat Cover

Hand Truck Cover

Panel Cart Covers/Banister Rail Cover




16 3/8" x 12 5/8" x 12 5/8"

18 1/8" x 18" x 16"

18" x 18" x 24"

Large (shallow)
24" x 18" x 18"


Extra Large
22" x 22" x 21"  


18" x 18" x 28"


24" Wardrobe  
24" x 20" x 46 3/16"


18" Wardrobe  
21" x 17 ¾" x 48"


Laydown wardrobe
9.5" x 18" x 36.5"


24"x 24"x 19"


27" TV box 
24.5" x 24.5" x 27.5"


20" x 20" x 12"


2 pc mirror  
37.25" x 4.25" x 27"


LG 2pc mirror 48" x 4-5/8" x 33.25"


4 pc mirror (40" x 60" ) & (40" x 30")

Plasma  60"x12"x37"


Record Storage Top & Bottom  15" x 12"x 11"


Legal Tote  
24" x 16" x 12"


12" x 12" x 40"


12" x 12" x 54"


Speed Pak  18 Cube    
42" x 26" x 29-6/16" DW

KQ Combo  
80" x 46" x 9"

KQ  Pillow Top  
84.75"x14"x35.5" PER PIECE


3/3  Twin Mattress Carton 76 ½"  x 40 ¼" x 8 7/8"


4/6  Double Mattress Carton  76" x 54 ¼" x 9"


Crib box  
27" x 5.5" x 52"

48 x 96 Single Wall Sheets  


LG Commercial Bin (Glue or Stitched)  49.5"x 24.5"x 29


15 Cube Commercial Bin
37" x 23" x 30.5" DW

E Container   
42" x 29" x 25"

D Container  
58" x 42" x 40" Available with or without Pallet



Moving Pak This kit contains everything your self-packing customer needs to do the job right. Includes boxes,tape and bubble wrap. The retail box is easy to sell and easy for your customers to pack in their car.


12 – 1.5 small
4 – 3.0 medium
3 – 4.5 Large
1 Permanent marker
2 rolls of 2 x 55 tape
1 tape dispenser
1 custom glass set
1 custom dish set
2 rolls of 12 x 20 large bubble

Corrugated Rolls36" , 48", 60", 72"  (All Rolls 250ft)

Great for wrapping almost anything that needs some extra cushioning.
Available in Small & large



Kraft Bubble

(also available in double sided)

Anti Static Bubble

(Pink)  Small

Anti Static Bubble

(Pink) Large

Dolphin Wrap

Packing Peanuts

EZ Pack

Hot Melt Movers Tape

Also available in 6pk & 3pk
(3pk includes clamshell tape dispenser)
Color: Clear, & Tan

Stretch wrap


Inventory Stickers

5 Inch Strecth Tape





3-Ply Paper Pads

Kraft Paper

Movers Tissue Roll

Extra Fine Tissue Paper

Glassine Paper



Rubber Bands sold per dozen

Small – Beige

Medium – Green

Large – Blue

Extra Large – Red

Rubber Band Rack

Custom Dish Set

Custom Glass Set

Boxed Cell Kit

King Mattress Bag
(Also available in rolls)

Queen Mattress Bag 
(Also available in rolls)

Full Mattress Bag

(Also available in rolls)

Twin Mattress Bag

(Also available in rolls)

Sofa Bag

(Also available in rolls)

Chair Bag


Rubber Cap Dolly

H Style Dolly

Chicago Dolly

Carpet Dolly

Long Rail Carpet Dolly

A Frame

Panel Cart

Also available Panel Cart Covers  
See description under Pads.

Platform Truck

(We carry all replacement parts & accessories)  

Red Economy HandTruck

with Air Tires

Wesco Steel

Green Hand Truck: 600lb cap

Orange 146-D Steel Hand Truck

Wesco 470 with Care-free Tires

Wesco Cobra Jr: 2 in 1 convertible

Wesco Cobra Sr: 2 in 1 convertible

Stevens SRT

Steven SRT-8

Stevens MRT-M60

Stevens SRT M-66

Stevens Vendor 72

Stair Climber

Steel Big Wheel Attachment

Magnesia Big Wheel Attachment



Auto Loader Ramp

Solid Ramp

Dock Plates:  Aluminum & Steel

Plastic Curb Ramps

Aluminum Curb Ramp

Resurface Kit – For Fiberglass Melcher Ramps



Logistic Straps

Ratchet Straps




Superior to rope for tying loads inside trucks.  Flat webbing reduces rope damage to items

2" Cotton Webbing x 100ft

1" Nylon Webbing 150ft Roll

1" x 15ft Nylon Loop Strap

Hump Strap

Piano Straps

Auto Tie Down


Pallet Jack

Jack Stop

Seal Kit for Pallet Jack

Fork Lift Extension 72"


Forearm Forklift
(Regular & Pro)

Shoulder Dolly

Library Carts

Machine Carts




Inventory Book  #1190bk

Bill of Lading 4-Part  #2062

Estimated Cost of Services  #783

Estimated Cost of Services  #783

Bill of Lading
(Interstate)  #862R

Table of Measurements #787


Rubber Wheel Chocks

Back Support Belt

18" Safety Cone

28" Traffic Cone

Safety Triangles

First AID Kits

Work Gloves Double Leather


Security Crates

Library Carts

Machine Carts


Panel Carts




Metal Load Seals

Plastic Load Seals

E-Track (Vertical & Horizontal)

Vault Clamps

102" Decking Beam

Jack Bar






“Moving Boxes Sold Here"

“We Sell Boxes" Display





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